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A Scigen Paper accepted by Journal of Telecommunications

This is REAL!!! The journal we have been tracking down  (Journal of Telecommunications, ISSN 2042-8839, http://sites.google.com/site/journaloftelecommunications/ ) some weeks back since many authors contacted us and inform us that it appears that no review was taking place! All they receive is a registration form some days after they submitted their paper asking them to pay 100 UK Pounds. The journal starts publishing in February 2010.

One of our investigator send them a scigen paper entitled “Towards the Development of Interrupts” and receive after 3 weeks an acceptance email from the journal editor editor.telecommunications@googlemail.com informing him that the paper has been accepted for publication in July 2010.

Below is the email received from the journal:

Dear Sir,

We are please to inform you that your paper has been accepted for publication.

Paper title:
Towards the Development of Interrupts

But note that you will have to format your paper according to the paper template found on the journal website under the page Authors guidelines: http://sites.google.com/site/journaloftelecommunications/authorsguidelines

Please find attached the Paper registration form.

You are requested to print this form, fill in the required information, and send a scan copy of it together with a scan copy of the bank transfer transaction to editor.telecommunications@googlemail.com as proof of payment.

The last date of registration is on Wednesday, 14th July 2010 by 18:00 GMT

Please note that you will have to send the copyright agreement form, find a template on the journal website:  http://sites.google.com/site/journaloftelecommunications/authorsguidelines

Thanks and Regards,
Journal of Telecommunications.


Journal of Telecommunications – FAKE JOURNAL and BIG SCAM!!!

In this issue, we would like to inform you (following a deep investigation) about a fake journal in the field computer science. We are extremely SAD for academics who already send them their money!!

Journal of Telecommunications – FAKE JOURNAL and BIG SCAM FOR 2010!!!

It is SAD to see lots of fake and abusive journals cropping up everyday!! No paper is ever reviewed; all they want is your MONEY!! BEWARE!!!

Spread the NEWS!!!

Journal of Telecommunications is a fake computer science journal. Already blacklisted in several universities and by several academics!!!

Publications in Journal of Telecommunications have NO VALUE!!!  Also, it is a shame and lost of academic prestige to have a CV listing a publication in a

FAKE Journal!!!


Managing Editor

Journal Of Telecommunications

Maxwell Building

96-98, Uxbridge Road



W5 5TH


Tel: +442088414479


Email: editor.telecommunications@googlemail.com

Website: http://sites.google.com/site/journaloftelecommunications/