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UPDATE: Science Academy Publisher – A curse for academics http://sciacademypublisher.com

Following our recent coverage of Science Academy Publisher (1st coverage), we were flooded with emails, both for and against.

We conducted further investigation and came up with the following.

At this point, the following should be cleared for any one interested about this publisher:

1. The domain name, sciacademypublisher.com, was bought on 17th January 2011.

2. Science Academy Publisher was registered as a company in the UK on 18th January 2011.

3. Being registered as a company and having a domain name does not in any way differentiate from being a good journal and low-quality journal.

4. The commercial publisher Science Academy Publisher deadline to submit a paper is on, for example, 22nd September and authors get notifications on 30th September (for example, visit the International Journal of Research and Reviews in Computer Science (IJRRCS), http://www.sciacademypublisher.com/journals.html). Just in case they change the information after reading this post, we took a snapshot below.


5. Reviewing journal articles in simply 8 days and sometimes less (as reported by several people who send us emails) is clearly an indication of the level of the journal. Quality has been TOTALLY ignored.

6. If you are asking yourself, can I publish my hard written paper and associate my research findings in their repository? The short answer is NO.

It would be absolutely silly, childish, out-of-sense to publish your papers in any of their journals for a few bucks. If you are off for your PhD defence, promotion to associate or professor level, competing for a research grant, applying to a higher prestigious university, then believe it of not, evaluators/reviewers will definitely verify all your existing works and where they got published. We would suggest you to better re-work your paper, make it better and publish it in a respected venue. We are not here to do any favor for any journal in the area of computer science, so it’s up to you to decide where to publish.

7. As we said it before, we are not here to do any favor for any journal, we list and cover only craps with facts.

Wishing all researchers good luck in where they choose to publish, and hopefully avoid damaging your academic career and integrity!


Science Academy Publisher – A curse for academics

Science Academy Publisher – A curse for academics


We recently came across a “publisher”, or better we would say a “one-man show“, here are the list of journals this person proposed to the community. Most of the papers published appears legit and most of them appears to be low quality articles.

As expected, NO REVIEW is done AT ALL. Not sure? Try it by yourself. Send them any paper and wait a few days to receive an email asking you that your paper has been accepted and to pay.

Below are the list of journals that have already been BLACKLISTED in several universities. Publication in these journals have NO VALUE!!!!

Email: sciencepublisher@gmail.com

2079-2557 2011
2046-6447 2011
2046-6439 2011
2046-6188 2011
2046-5122 2011
2046-5130 2011
2046-6897 2011
2047-0037 2011
2046-5106 2011
2046-5718 2011
2046-6501 2011
2046-6412 2011
2046-5149 2011
2046-6234 2011
2046-617X 2011
2046-5157 2011
2046-6404 2011